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When speaking with a marketing person you may hear the phrase Digital Marketing come up and might be a tad confused as to it's full meaning. Some might think it is related to TV Advertising! In actual fact, Digital Marketing is all the different types of marketing that a company might
reasonably expect to conduct online. The huge importance of marketing online is now known by all. There is no escaping the growth of online business. Companies will live and die by the strength of their online marketing.

How do get my Digital Marketing right?
The first thing to ascertain is your marketing goals. You should already have a clear understanding of this from your marketing and business plan. You then need to define how digital marketing will have the most positive impact online for you at the least cost, or highest ROI.
You need to know who are your ideal customers, where they hang out and how to get your products, services, brand and/or special offers in front of them at the right time.
If you can get all this information and then create the right strategy to create and then implement it then you will be fine.
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What sort of budget do I need for Digital Marketing?
Well, you can actually perform a lot of meaningful digital marketing with no budget at all but you will need a lot of time, diligence, knowledge and discipline. It could be as simple and conducting some simple email campaigns, creating some social media profiles and posting here and there and making sure that your website conforms to the basic SEO benchmarks.

However, and you already know this really, to conduct a truly effective Digital Marketing campaign you will really need to contract out all of this to professionals. Money spent on services that will be effective will always be money well spent.

At RS8 we deal with both start-ups, small and medium-sized companies with varying budgets from pocket change up to tens of thousands of pounds. The strategy is very similar for all at the core but it further differentiated by the size of the market, the variety of their services and the intended reach.

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