Microsites and Satellite Sites
We have vast experience in creating an array of super-effective microsites, satellite sites and one-pager websites as part of an overall SEO and backlinking strategy.

We believe we were the one of the first companies (early 2000s) to ever roll out sites en masse to support a single website entity and our clients have enjoyed huge successes on the back of our experience.

In short, we look at your overall marketing goals and what you wish to achieve with your own site and other web-based assets that you have and then build small, even medium sized, sites full of premium related content which link back to your website or desired pages.

The beauty of this strategy, when done right, with each new site on a different IP address, is that it is a double-win scenario.
  1. These satellite sites have perfect content and link back to your own site which means that Google and others see these microsites as meaningful, high-quality links and your main site grows in authority for the specific key words and key phrases employed
  2. As the satellite sites are so well written they will attract trafic in their own right for the specific search terms. This will send organic traffic to your main site as a bonus

Any type of business can benefit from this strategy and the satellite sites or one-pagers can be created in differents ways to interact with the visitor. Mostly, you may wish to simply direct them to your business as quickly as possible using a phone number, email link or other type of form but you may wish to use it as an effective landing page with its own customer data capturing.

RS8 can create one, up to many, of these effective link sites for any particular campaign, sector or generally to enhance the link performance and leads generated to your main website.

Microsites, one-page websites and Satellite Sites
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