Social Media Marketing Strategy
You may be totally new to Social Media, you may know about it and only use it personally, or you may use it but know that you could use it a whole lot better to help you reach your marketing goals.

To utilise the undoubted power of social media marketing you need to have ALL of the following:
  • A plan!
  • Great ideas for content that has impact
  • The knowledge to implement it effectively
  • The expertise to monitor it and enhance or tweak it as necessary
  • The resources to maintain the plan to the full

So what is a social media marketing strategy plan?
This is what RS8 will do for you:

  1. Market Research
    • Where we identify trends in your industry
    • Analyse your competitors
    • Gauge the impact of specific social media within your industry and/or sector
  2. Formulate the Strategy
    • Identify the best social media channels to promote the content
    • Design and create the content
    • Create a scheduler for the ongoing nature of social media campaigning
  3. Implementation
    • Sticking rigorously to the schedule
    • Allow time for the campaign to be created with the emphasis on quality and targeting
    • Analyzing the results live regularly
  4. Tweaking
    • Concentrate on the social media channels that perform the best
    • Make modifications to the strategy plan as required to stay on or improve course
    • Look to try other ways of doing it to achieve even more impact

Other things for consideration!

RS8 will work with you and for you to create the best strategy plan to help you achieve your marketing goals. We are also able to create and implement the content for as long, or short, as you need us to do. We can give you the tools and training to continue yourself or we can remain a long-term partner for you.

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