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A positive "User Experience" has become a much quoted criteria when judging the true performance of a website. Indeed, the way Google is going, it will soon be able to work out if a site has a good UX by analysing the behaviour of a visitor to that site. It is therefore now essential to get this right.
The right User Experience will attract visitors, keep them on the site and, more importantly, have more chance of converting them into customers.

There is a saying that says "cannot see the wood for the trees". The fair analogy is that people can get so caught up in the design and cramming it with details and information that they lose the ability to see the bigger picture, as in how a visitor sees the site and then interacts with it.
The holy grail of a website is to get a visitor to contact you or otherwise interact with the site that turns them into a prospect.

User Experience is all about conversion rates. Your site needs to try to be all things to all possible audiences and certainly concentrate on the quick win audiences that you have identified as the 'low hanging fruit', the visitors that are most likely to turn into customers.
Your website needs to resonate with them.

As soon as they hit your site they need to do three things:

  • Recognise instantly that your site offers them what they are looking for
  • Allow them to easily contact you wherever they are on the site or interact with you in another way that you wish for
  • Allow them, with preferably one click to go into more detail about something that they might be particularly interested in

We go through the whole customer journey on your website and report back on any suggested changes.
This will help convert those visitors into engagers, which leads to more, well, leads and ultimately more business.
User Experience (UX) Help
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